Playgrounds near Turcot: bad for your health!

We mustn`t be putting any parks near the Turcot Interchange or near any highways, according to Louis Drouin, heading up a section of Montreal's public health authority that deals with health and urban planning, according to an article that appeared in Le Devoir, February 20th 2012.

A follow-up article the next day cites Montreal's mayor calling the idea of putting playgrounds near highways as "cock-eyed" ("loufoques").

Yet, the MUHC continues to plan for a private outdoor playground outside the Montreal Children's Hospital. And what about the 10s of thousands of people who live within 150-200 metres of these inner-city highways? Isn't this a great reason to plan for a much SMALLER Turcot, fewer cars in the inner city, fewer roads...and MORE mass transit?