Take action!

As the intersection of three urban highways, what happens at the Turcot Interchange will determine to a large extent the future of transportation in Montreal, and Quebec. we can either continue down the path of auto-oriented planning , or we can move towards a more balanced approach that integrates public transport in a more meaningful way. The Turcot is our chance to see if the plans and policies about sustainable development and public transport are serious, or just words. The Turcot is where the rubber hits the road!

There are many different ways to get involved in the campaign for a better Turcot Interchange. You can:

  1. Add your voice to the movement by uploading a profile-type photo of yourself with a comment about the Turcot (or transportation in general)
  1. 'Like' this website via Facebook, follow us via Twitter, and spread the word within your networks
  1. Write a message to the politicians responsible for the current plan (and who have the power to change it)