More buses using local streets

Since the Turcot project as it contains no new rail transit to relieve the pressure on the Turcot, interchange, additional buses are being used to carry more public transport users. While increasing use of public transport has been encouraged by various experts, relying almost exclusively on buses to carry passengers coming from points west of the Turcot will place significant burdens on central neighbourhoods like St-Henri.

Sortie Rosa Lima.jpg
Rosa-de-Lima is the end of the of the planned Ville-Marie bus lane, even though most commuters are going downtown

The Rosa-de-Lima exit also marks the end of the reserved bus lane planned for the Ville-Marie highway and the Autoroute 20 (though not the Turcot itself). While buses headed downtown could continue on the highway in regular lanes, they will most likely exit at Rosa-de-Lima along with buses using Lionel-Groulx as their terminus. This applies especially to inter-city buses, but also includes certain STM express buses.

Currently, approximately 870 buses per day pass through St-Henri around Lionel-Groulx station. This number could reach 1400¬, due to the STM plans to increase the number of express buses by 50% and the forced exit described above. This represents an increase of 57% of buses passing through—though not offering service to—St-Henri.