The MTQ is replacing the Ville-Marie to Guy Street?

Construction of the Ville-Marie highway began in 1972 and was completed in 1987, making it the youngest part of Montreal's downtown highway network. It has been subject to extensive renovation in the late 1990s and early 2000s. So why is the MTQ planning to replace it all the way to Guy Street?

In October 2011, the MTQ released its inspection report for the Turcot complex. This report includes the elevated structures of the Ville-Marie extending right up to Guy Street. Up until this point, the MTQ had claimed that the Turcot complex includes the reconstruction of the Ville-Marie only up until Greene Avenue. It seems that the MTQ has redefined the extent of the Turcot complex, extending it even farther from interchange itself!

In this map accompanying the release of long-awaited structural inspection, the MTQ re-defines the Turcot as extending to Guy Street

Only the private engineering and construction companies will benefit from this expanded definition of the Turcot. This "extra" expense will drive the cost of this project well over the $3 billion currently projected