The MTQ plans a massive wall

The current plan calls for the Autoroute Ville-Marie to be rebuilt between the Turcot itself and Atwater Street. Although officially, the Autoroute Ville-Marie will be renamed as a ‘route national’ (Hwy 136), it will be wider, carrying more vehicles into the downtown core. It will also be brought closer to St-Henri, bringing the vehicle pollution closer to residents of this neighbourhood.

coupe VM.jpg
The Ville-Marie highway will be surrounded by a wall of 40-50 feet high

Visually, the most noticeable difference is that the Ville-Marie will be lowered onto the hill between St-Henri and Westmount, and surrounded with a tall sound barrier placed atop an earthen embankment. The total height of this structure will be between 10-15 meters, or three to four stories tall. This will dramatically reduce the “sightlines” (the distance one can see) from St-Henri towards Westmount. The Ministry of Transport shows a line of healthy trees hiding this wall; however, it is far from certain that this environment will support such tall trees.

VM_avant apres.png
The planned wall along the Ville-Marie will reduce visibility from St-Henri to less than half