Statement of principle

The government's plan to build a new highway that will be built right alongside the existing elevated structure. While nobody denies that the Turcot Interchange is in need of repair, the proposed lower structure will have a negative impact on public health, on our environment and on the socio-economic development of the South-West. Not only does this project lack vision, it will endanger Montrealers' health and well-being:

Residents of the South West borough will be even further exposed to the negative effects of automobile generated air pollution from a lower highway structure;

  • The project will further contribute to greenhouse gases; No attempt is being made to reduce car traffic.
  • Hundreds of people will be expropriated and their homes torn down: A community will be destroyed.
  • A walled highway will fence in many South West communities, effectively stunting their long term growth and socio-economic development.
  • We therefore demand that the government return to the drawing board, to develop a plan that will have a beneficial impact on the environment and on the population's quality of life. The following objectives should be integral elements of any future plan:

  • The reduction of negative health effects upon neighboring communities.
  • The reduction of automobile traffic flow and increased investment into public transportation alternatives;
  • The opening of enclosed communities;
  • Preservation of existing affordable and low cost housing units;
  • Special economic subsidies to the communities most impacted by the negative effects of the major work during the construction period.
  • Other cities around the world have managed to conceive and build similar grand projects that do respect these kinds of goals. Here in Quebec, it is possible to replace Turcot within a framework of sustainable development and of respect for the environment and the local population. Let's make it work!

    « This article was translated by a concerned citizen of one of the areas affected, the Village des Tanneries de St-Henri »