Useless and improbable bike lanes

Imagine cycling west 14 kms along a highway, with no possible destination but the Angrignon interchange. And then riding 14 kms back. This is what awaits you if you should decide to take a ride along bike trail proposed by the MTQ between Autoroute 20 at the foot of the Falaise St-Jacques.

The MTQ also shows a bicycle path running along the CN rail from the Lachine Canal, where it crosses a busy road from Notre-Dame de Grace and connects to the Turcot Yards trail. CN is a private company and is not eager to have local residents on its private property. Extending the bike path along this route would require the widening of the train bridges crossing Notre-Dame and Ste-Marguerite in St-Henri. This bicycle route would be a useful addition; however, no concrete steps have been taken towards its realization.

The Ministry of Transport shows bicycle lanes running along the Falaise St-Jacques, as well as along the CN rail in St-Henri. This has permitted the Ministry to claim that the Turcot plan represents a “harmonious cohabitation between citizens and users”. This is just a smoke screen, added following strong opposition.

MTQ promised bike path.png
There has been no arrangement made to use the CN tracks in St-Henri, shown in the MTQ's interactive map, for a bike path. In fact, CN is actively policing its property to keep residents off

However, closer examination reveals the hollowness of these promises. The bicycle trail along the Falaise St-Jacques is simply useless, while the one along the CN tracks in St-Henri will likely never happen.