Imaginary tramways, inadequate bus lanes

An imaginary tramway going through a improbable neighbourhood
In the beautiful images the MTQ is using to sell its plan, we see imaginary tramways have been shown traveling through the hypothetical ‘Quartier du Canal’ in the Turcot yards. However, these tramways are not planned in the Montreal Transport Plan, nor has there been any financial commitment to build them. This is a “green” illusion, created to convince the public that their plan includes improvements to public transit.

tramway dream.png
There is no plan or funding to build these tramways.

The MTQ has added some reserved bus lanes to their project, including:

  • Along the highway 20 between the St-Pierre and Turcot Interchanges
  • On the inside lane of the Ville-Marie in the eastbound direction
  • And along the new Pullman Boulevard

However, these bus lanes are all intended for suburban transit riders, and will not benefit riders living in central neighbourhoods. They will also be an addition to the planned vehicle lanes, making the highway even larger. There are also major questions about whether these bus lanes will even function as intended, since the MTQ never consulted with the STM on the placement of the Ville-Marie bus lanes.

An additional problem exists with the planned bus lane on the Ville-Marie highway: it ends at Atwater (Rosa-de-Lima exit), forcing all buses onto local streets in St-Henri. This is bad for local residents, and inconvenient for downtown-bound bus passengers. Read more on this problem here.