The Duchesneau report: a comic strip

Allegations of corruption and collusion in the Duchesneau report cast a troubling shadow over the Turcot

In September 2011, Jacques Duchesneau made public his report into collusion and corruption in the construction industry in Quebec. The 'Rapport de l’Unité Anticollusion sur la corruption au Québec', or simply the Duchesneau report, highlighted instances of bid rigging, intimidation, and collusion between engineering firms that assess projects and the construction companies that carry them out.

This was all possible because the Ministry of Transport has become totally dependent on these private firms to carry out its essential functions.

The entire report can be found here.

To better understand the instances of collusion that arise in the awarding of contracts, La Diagonale created a comic strip explaining the Duchesneau report. A few highlights below.


diag_the rub_1.png
diag_the rub_2.png