Unnecessary new local roads

At the request of the City of Montreal, the Turcot project includes adding several new roads that serve no regional transport purpose whatsoever.

Pullman Boulevard is being enlarged and extended it in order to connect with St-Jacques, the future McGill University Hospital campus, and rue Notre-Dame. Like the addition of the highway 20 and 720 (Ville-Marie) to the Turcot project, this additional spaghetti of intersections is entirely unnecessary.

This map shows the current configuration of the Turcot in the Tanneries neighbourhood in St-Henri

The creation of a new arterial road will increase the traffic flowing through the neighbourhoods of St-Henri, Emard, Westmount and Cote St-Paul St-Jacques. The neighbourhoods of southwest Montreal already experience high automobile volumes and this new arterial will only add to that.

This map shows the Ministry of Transportation's plan for the Turcot in the same neighbourhood