The MTQ is making the Ville-Marie wider

The MTQ plans to make the Ville-Marie highway wider, from eight lanes in total to 9 lanes (including bus lane), plus shoulders. To give the impression that the Ville-Marie is being reduced, it will be renamed a ‘route national’, Route 136. This is very deceptive: by lengthening the merge lanes and adding a shoulder on both sides, the Ville-Marie will carry more cars into downtown Montreal.

Ville-Marie current: left; "Route 136" future: right This "modernization" will increase the speed and number of vehicles on the highway, despite is "route national” designation.

The autoroute 20 and the Ville-Marie will have a reserved lane for buses, although this will not be continued through the Turcot itself, making the bus lanes on either side largely useless.

The Ville-Marie will also be lowered to the ground and surrounded by high walls and earth embankments. This will increase the amount of pollution to which residents in St-Henri are exposed, and create a sensation of being “walled in”.

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coupe VM.jpg
This cross-section of the future Ville-Marie shows the walls (built on earth embankments) that will border the highway