MTQ project

Many people believe that the plan for the Turcot Interchange that the Ministry of Transport presented at the Bureau des audiences publiques sur l’environnement (BAPE) has changed for the better. The reality is that the Ministry of Transport has literally painted its project “green”, but it remains essentially unchanged. The Ministry remains committed to its plan for a bigger highway, bringing more cars into Montreal, at the cost of the people’s health and neighbourhoods.

The Turcot project presented by the MTQ in June 2009

The MTQ's current 'map of improvements'

The Turcot Interchange is currently fulfilling multiple transport functions: regional and freight transport, daily commuting, and inter-neighbourhood travel. By addressing these functions separately -- instead of consolidating them in a mega-interchange -- transportation in Montreal can be made more efficient, and the Turcot can be made cheaper, smaller and more sustainable.

Montreal deserves better! To gain a global perspective of the Turcot project, read more about the various components of the project in this section.

To understand the MTQ's greenwashing strategies, check out the video below. Watch carefully: the critiques of these practices are included by the video's creator... right over the claims of the MTQ itself!