Highway 15/20 will be 50% wider

This section of highway will be increased dramatically in width. Like in other parts of the Turcot complex, the Ministry of Transport intends to bring the highway design up to ‘modern standards’, meaning shoulders will be added on both sides of the roadway, in both directions, and the length of on- and off-ramps will be extended. While the Ministry promises additional capacity is not being increased, this is exactly what will be the result.

This section of the Autoroute 15/20 is slated to be widened from three lanes to four in either direction, increasing the number of cars crossing the Turcot interchange and pouring into central neighbourhoods. Like other portions of the highway, the A-15 will be brought up to “modern standards” (read: wider), including wide shoulders on both sides, in both directions. Despite the MTQ’s assurances, this will certainly permit greater vehicle volumes.

'Urban integration'?: Highway 15/20 in Côte St-Paul will be 88% larger in the MTQ's new plan (Source: Projet Montréal, Turcot 50/50)

The highway will also be lowered, and placed along a wall and an embankment and a wall severing the communities on either side of the highway and creating even higher levels of pollution with additional vehicles.

This wall will be 45m (150 feet) wide

Locations planned for the highway on a wall in

The entire width of the highway with the embankment will be approximately 75 metres (250 feet) wide

Locations planned for the highway on embankment in Côte St-Paul