Despite the brutal history of expropriation in Montreal and other cities for mega-infrastructure projects of the past, this practice is being repeated for the Turcot Interchange. St-Henri residents and artists are scheduled to be expropriated and to see their homes demolished to make way for the rebuilt Turcot Interchange. 166 units will be lost at 780 rue St-Remi, three on rue Cazelais, and six on rue Selby will be lost.

Learn more about the planned demolition of 780 St-Remi from this Pimento Report video:

In addition, artists and artisans will lose their studios at 4000 St-Patrick in order to accommodate a public works yard used by the Sud-Ouest borough, which will be displaced by the construction of the interchange.

Expropriating people from their homes and places of work in order to build a highway even bigger than before is an regressive policy and completely unacceptable.